Top Shots

Over the last weekend of October the Squadron participated in the Cadet Inter Service Skill at Arms Meeting at Pirbirght Ranges. Shot on the L98A2 5.56mm rifle and the L86A2 Light Support Weapon comprising of deliberate, snap and rapid shoots and 100 to 300 metres including fire with movement practises, testing both marksmanship and fitness. The team comprised of Cpl Lungu, Cpl Outzen, Cpl Raj and Cpl Davies, coached by the OC Sqn Ldr Godden and the butt marker Cdt Campbell. The team did well, coming a creditable 7th out of 52 Teams from the Army, Navy and Air Cadets (5th out of 23 ATC Teams), with Cpl Lungu qualifying for a cadet 50 Badges (being in the top 50 at 21st a), and won the Marling Trophy for the advance to contact shoot, running a 100m and engageing targets at 100m, 200m and 300m, with a score 12 points ahead of the second team, and third in the Falling Plate competition (and the top Air Cadet team).