Underwater Cadets

The Sqn carried out a first in its training on Monday when 9 cadets tried their hand at Scuba Diving in a local swimming pool. Cdt Kiran Bablas reports:

“None of us expected it to be as it was, as no one had ever gone Scuba Diving with the squadron before. In fact, some of us thought that we were just getting into a pool, with snorkels, and told “how long can you hold your breath?”. But little did we know, it was nothing like we expected.

When we got there, we were given a briefing for around 20 minutes, and told about the kit and what we were going to do and wear, and we were thrown straight in. We immediately got given our oxygen tanks, masks an’ all, and we were all surprised to find that we were actually properly Scuba Diving, so it got everybody excited!

We were allowed into the pool straight away, and as we each lowered ourselves in, the Instructor explained what we were to do.

We all deflated our jackets, and found ourselves sinking to the bottom, ears popping and the likes, too! However, after getting used to the pressure at around 3 1/2 metres underwater, and the feeling in our ears and the weightlessness, and the ability to breath, we began to play around. We were given a toy rocket which we would throw to each other underwater, and we could swim in an out of a hoop at great speeds because of the fins we all wore.

After the seemingly long 45 minutes in the pool, we had to say our goodbyes, and get out. On behalf of everybody, I can easily say we ALL loved the event, and I, personally, will love to do it again!

It was a new experience, as I had never done anything like it before (except going to my local swimming pool!), and I learnt how pressure can affect divers, how the masks and the tanks work, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I hope that this becomes the new Squadron event which can take place more often!

Thanks to the staff who dived with us, and taught us everything, Thanks to SGT. Goldman for organising this, and Thanks to the squadron for letting us take part in such an amazing event!”

The photo shows the cadets with their equipment after the dive.