Wales and other activities

On the Weekend of 02 – 04 March the Sqn carried out an Adventure Training Trip to Snowdonia in North Wales, had 3 cadets pass a GIC (Gliding Induction Course) at Weathersfield (Cdts Ali, Bhadshah and Dutch) and 20 cadets from No 4 (Recruit) Flight live rifled the No 8 Rifle at the Sqns local range. So just another typical weekend for the Sqn!

Below is a report on the Wales Trip!

Wales Mountaineering
By Cadet Adam Sinclair

We began our journey to the welsh mountains on Friday. Six hours later, we arrived at the bunkhouse. We unpacked, had a debrief, and went to bed after getting our kit ready for next day. When the morning came, my group (instructed by Plt Off Matt Davies) climbed Carnedd Daffydd and Carnedd Llewellyn (both 1000m+) horseshoe from Llyn Ogwen, whilst the other group (instructed by Fg Off Nick Harvey) climbed the north ridge of Tryfan, Bristley Ridge, Gyder Fach, Gylder Fawr, Gwastadnant. Meanwhile, the final group (instructed by AWO Morris) climbed Snowdon.

I must admit, halfway up we peaked a small ridge which i thought was the final peak. I sat down with relief, only to hear Plt Off Davies happily singing "Sinclair Thought It Was Over, La la la la" much to my dismay. When the group recovered from hysterics, we continued to reach the peak of Carnedd Daffydd. We were then told to navigate to the peak of Carnedd Llewellyn. All in all, this took us three to four hours including the first mountain and ‘Admin Stops’ (i.e. food breaks).

Once this was finished, we began to navigate our way down to the resevoir at the bottom. After a bit of contouring and vertical rocks, we reached the bottom. However, we were yet to find that we had a 4km walk back to the minibus! Some of us didn’t quite make it back, so we had to be picked up along the way. Upon arrival to the bunkhouse, we each had a shower and were taken to the local town. We had dinner, which for most of us was fish and chips. Afterwards, we got back to the bunkhouse and stuck on a DVD.

The next morning we packed all of our kit away and in to the van, apart from our day sack. We were driving into town for some shopping as it was bucketing down with rain. After a while, the weather picked up a little, so carried out some further mountain training.

We departed for home, almost ‘accidentally’ leaving Cpl Ferrari in the petrol station! After another 6 hours of travel, we got back, unpacked the kit and went home.

Thanks to Fg Off Harvey, Plt Off Davies and AWO Morris for organising a very enjoyable trip.