Wales mountaineering

Over the last weekend cadets and staff from the squadroncarried out adventure training in Snowdonia. Cpl Izzy Hulbert reports: “Last Friday, around 20 cadets journeyed to Capel Curig in order to visit the Welsh mountains.  Arriving just after midnight, we unloaded our kit and set up camp before getting into our tents to rest before the weekend ahead. On Saturday, the group was split into three:- a rock climbing group, a novice walking group and a team of those with previous mountain experience. My group, led by Fg Off Reuben, worked on building our confidence in navigating and on the second day we particularly focused on improving our skills in micro-navigation; whilst, much to the annoyance of Fg Off Reuben, learning to differentiate between paths, plateaus and peaks! Fortunately for us, the weather was ideal throughout, adding to our enjoyment of the weekend. For those doing Silver and Gold Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards, the trip provided 2 of the quality mountain days needed before we set off in the summer on our own for our expedition in the Lake District.

The weekend proved to be the perfect chance to get out into the great outdoors during the Easter break and learn some practical skills in a remarkable environment – a much better alternative to staying in playing on the X-box!  Thank you to the staff who organised and took us over the weekend, as without their knowledge and enthusiasm it would have not been anywhere near as beneficial or fun!”. The photos show the cadet on Canteliever Rock and at Castle of the Wind in the Glyders, and climbing near Trfyan.