Welsh Trip


Cdt Jess Murphy reports on an Adventure Training weekend at the start of March “The Sqn has recently visited the welsh mountains again from the 8th to the 10th of March. Around 30 cadets and NCOs as well as staff went as usually we were offered a variety of different activates from which we could choose, such as mountain biking, rock climbing and hill walking.

We arrived there late on Friday night and after every one got all their kit out of the mini busses and had a briefing for the start it was off to our billets to get some sleep before our early morning start on the Saturday. This was out third stay at capel curig and a warm big breakfast was welcomed by every one.

I decided that I was going to have another go at mountain biking but hoped I would have some more success than previously! I had done part of the course on the previous Wales but we had not completed it on time so I looked forward to finishing it and I remembered how much fun I had had the last time. Another big group of cadets and NCOs went mountain walking, all the beginners who had never gone before came back and said they had, had a great time although they found it challenging but were looking forward to being able to do it again in the future.

So early on Saturday, everyone went out to spend the day doing their chosen activity, after an initial brief on what to pack for a day in the mountains. We arrived early at the bike shop and every one got out their bikes, once they were all fitted and adjusted to ourselves we were off and ready to go. I was pleased that my skills mountain biking had improved and this time I spent more time on the bike than on the floor or flying through air which was a pleasant surprise and because of an early start this time we did get to finish the whole route with no injuries and lots of funny memories. It was good to get back before all the walkers so we got the hot showers!

That night everyone got a chance to relax and watch films or just get some rest after a hard days work after dinner. However the next day the weather was unfortunately too bad for anything to really be done in the mountains. Overall I think every one had a great time and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the staff and NCOs that contributed to the organisation of the trip”.

The photos show some of the cadets in one of the hillwalking groups coping with the interesting weather on the Saturday.