Welsh Trip

The Sqn has reently visited the North Wales Mountains, as our reporter Cdt Josh Beveridge writes:

"On the 30th of November around 30 cadets, NCOs and staff from 241 squadron ventured off to far flung north Wales in an attempt to extend their mountaineering, climbing and mountain biking knowledge. On arrival at the squadron at 1830 the usual organised chaos of putting the relevant luggage in its transport inevitably took place and after this we set off. Rain and traffic jams plagued our journey but eventually we arrived at our destination, Snowdon house and bunkhouse in the Snowdonia region. Of course the usual unpacking of kit and briefings then went followed when everyone got some sleep, ready for the following day.

I had previously chosen the night before that I wanted to go walking, among the choices open to me were mountain biking and climbing. We were put into our relevant groups and into the minibus for the 45 minute minibus journey to Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales and stands around 1085 metres. My group was to be supervised by Plt Off Reuben who was down from RAF Boulmer, Northumberland where he is doing his fighter controller training.

Up we ventured along the ‘Pyg Track’ and eventually hit the wind. Layers were being pulled out of day sacks left right and centre in an attempt to keep warm as the British winter did its best to throw us off the mountain. After walking and a little scrambling for around 2 hours we reached the summit of Snowdon, the highest mountain any of us had climbed in our somewhat small mountaineering careers to date. Compared to most of the Alps Team who were also present on this trip this was nothing, a mere quarter of what they had climbed, but for us Snowdon was big enough and at the summit pictures were taken and lunch was eaten, a welcome break for us. Next was the descent, unsurprisingly easier than the ascent but either way it was still tiring. Back to the bunkhouse for showers, and a change of clothes and then we would be out on the town and the shops, well I call it a town but Llanberis has about the same marketing prowess as the squadron canteen. However, it had a fish and chip shop which was all most of the cadets wanted.

After eating our fill we were back to the bunkhouse just to relax and swap stories of the days adventures. Most of which were very amusing, such as hearing Corporal Bedford have a flying lesson over the front of his handlebars! a good time being had by all.

The next day the weather was unfortunately too bad for anything to really be done on the mountains so it was off to the local town again for the staff, NCOs and cadets to go bargain hunting in amongst the various mountaineering shops. After a lot of money changed hands we were back on the minibus for the long journey home, with yet more stories of cadets flying over handlebars and such.

Overall a great time was had by all those who attended and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the staff and NCOs that contributed to the organisation of December Wales 2007."

By Cadet Beveridge

The photo shows Cdt Beveridge (far right) with his group near the summit of Snowdon