What the Sqn did over the Easter Holidays

As well as the activities previously notified Cadets were engaged on many other activities over the Holidays:

IFS Michelle Cheah attended a 2 week camp at RAF Akrotri in Cyprus, highlights of which were watching the Red Arrows and flying in a Griffon Helicopter.

Cpl Andy Webb attended RAF Boulmer in Northumberland for a 3 day visit to the resident fighter control unit.

Cdt Ben Filer went solo in the Viking Glider at Wethersfield after a marathon Gliding Scholarship course, having control of a £30000 glider before he is old enough to drive.

7 Cadets attended Wethersfield over two weekends to complete their Gliding Induction Certificate (including a last minute slot for Easter Sunday).

30 Cadets have flown the Tutor 2 seat aerobatic trainer at RAF Wyton

ICWO Paul Fothergill was awarded the Pat Butler Award by the Spitfire Society at Old Warden Airfield. This is worth £400 towards a private pilots license, an was presented by pilots who flew the Spitfire in World War 2, including on who was in 241 Sqn RAF in 1944!

and finally last night 30 Cadets received their Young Life Saver Badges, the first to do so in London Wing.