Wing Athletics Competition

London Wing Athletics Competition Sun 13 May 2007
Plt Off M Davies

On a very wet Sunday morning the 241 Squadron Athletics Team (or SQUAT as they like to be known) assembled at HQ and prepared to take on the rest of London Wing in a momentous show of athletic prowess. The weather was atrocious and showed no sign of abating, yet the cadets’ enthusiasm for winning was unfaltering.

The day got off to a start with the races increasing in distance and field events running concurrently. Cadets from 241 Squadron were performing well across the board with top three finishes in many events. Spirits were high and a gentleman with access to the PA system was having a terrible time trying to keep the excitement from boiling over. I’m not sure he realised that he was simply shouting at the competitors and staff on the track rather than at the unruly grandstand, and that his increasing volume was simply making the matter worse.

The weather finally got the better of us and all events were cancelled after the relay races in the interests of health and safety. Incidentally this only left the 200m race uncontested, so it was a fairly successful competition overall.

Unfortunately, there are no results to report as yet for reasons best known to the organisers. No doubt they will be posted here soon. I remain confident in our success. It was a good day despite the weather and the cadets of 241 competed hard and conducted themselves admirably. There were a few outstanding personal performances but it would not be fair to mention them in what was ultimately an excellent team effort, ably managed by WO Lee Morris. A mention must go to Sgt K Troy (IC SQUAT) for managing to drag herself from her bed and arrive at the competition only 30 minutes late – good effort!

The photo shows Cdt Windebank on her way to a comprehensive victory in the Girls’ 800m race. The rest of the field can be seen trailing somewhere in the distance, no doubt wondering what was happening.