Wing Athletics

The Sqn recently came second in the Wing Athletics Championships at Mile End Sports Centre on a warn sunny day (somewhat different to last year!).

The report is by Cdt Pathak, who has only been on the Sqn for around 6 months:

"We arrived at the squadron early in the morning, awoken by the great summer breeze. Even though we lacked a couple of people who should have turned up, our moods were not dampened as, being 241 squadron, we are capable of just about anything whenever a challenge arises.

Sitting on the bus made me think how lucky I was to be part of a squadron, which did so much for the cadets. We were all really excited about the whole day and the challenges it would bring with it.

As the day kicked off so did our nerves. The first event was the 100 metres and the people taking part felt extremely nervous about their first race but the encouragement that everyone gave and received was a warming reminder of the friendship and teamwork that makes us, 241 squadron. Throughout the day, the results got better and better and the chances of winning were becoming more and more realistic.

The field events were in full swing – the cadets of 241 squadron won an abundance of medals, and even though the field events were extremely far from the viewing stands, the constant encouragement for the cadets was still heard from the other side of the stadium.

Winning so many medals, we all thought that we stood a good chance of winning but unfortunately, the results were not in our favour, and we came a close second. However, a positive to come from coming second is that it gives us something to aim for in future – at the 241 squadron we can always improve and strive to get better and overcome new challenges.

The Inter Squadron Athletic day exhibited our athletic prowess and our never say die work ethic, and this itself demonstrated that we are all winners, something we can all be proud of.

!Well Done 241 squadron!"