Wing Field Day – not a bad day for 241!

On Sunday 24 Sep 06 the Sqn Teams attended Woolwich Barracks to compete in the Annual London Wing Field Day, facing 30 other Sqns in various cadet activities:

Aircraft Recognition
First Aid
Aero Modelling
Cadet Photography

In addition Cadets who have been awarded Jack Petchy Achievers Awards where awarded with their Medallions, and Staff were awarded £1000 (to be spent on the Sqn) and Medallions.

The Sqn did well with the following results:

1st in the Drill (for the 3rd time since 2001) & this was marked by the very experienced Corps Drill WO!
1st in the Drill Squad Commander – IFS Kristina Pisano in her first appearence as the Squad Commander, memorising a 10 minute routine and verbally commanding 12 cadets on the vast expanses of the Woolwich Drill Square
1st in the First Aid, a Team of 4 lead by FS Mike Cross
2nd in the under 16 Photographic Competition
3rd in the Air Rec, a Team of 4 lead by Cpl Aj Sandhu

The Drill and First Aid Teams now go foward to the Region Compeition on 08 Oct.

In addition cadets from the team will play a major part in the Annual Festival of Remberence at the Albert Hall in Novemeber, with IFS Pisano having the honour of parading the Corps Banner.