Wing Field Day – Update!!

The Squadron has been informed that the Senior Drill Team won the London Wing Drill Competition at the Wing Field Day held at Woolwich Barracks on Saturday 02 Oct. This was after an administrative error was detected by Wing Staff on Monday in the score additions! This is the the fifth year in a row the Sqn has won the competition and the Drill Team will now represented the Wing at Region competition, although the The Banner Team 2nd place remains. The new result confirms the the dedication, hard work and excellent effort that the cadets and the Sqn Drill Staff had put into their training over the last two months, with 2 members of the team returning from University and a Flying Scholarship in Scotland to represent the Sqn in the competition. CWO Dutch came a very creditable second in the Best Drill NCO competition and will attend the Annual Festival of Remberance at the Albert Hall in November. The Sqn also entered a Junior Team under Cpl Mandalia who where competing for an “honour” position and who achieved a creditable 5th out of 9 teams with a weeks training. In addition the Sqn was awarded the prestidgeous “Best Sports Squadron” in London Wing for the second year running. The photos show the Senior Dril Team slow marching, last minute attention to the uniform and the Banner Team in action. What a turn up for the books!