Wing Swimming

On Saturday 8th September Cadets and Staff attended the annual Wing swimming competition. The squadron had 24 cadets entered to battle against 9 other squadrons within London Wing. Well done to all swimmers and supporters.

Some of the best results (I am reliably informed):

CPL Chavner B
1st – Junior boys backstroke

CPL Nicklen
1st – Medley Relay
2nd – Freestyle Relay

CDT Chiu
2nd – Individual Medley
3rd – Butterfly

CDT Lawrence
1st in the senior boys backstroke.

CPL Larkin
2nd – Senior Boys Breast stroke.

2nd – junior boys medley relay.
1st – junior boys freestyle relay.
1st – senior boys freestyle relay

Swimmers who came in the top 3 will be nominated to represent London Wing in the Region competition on the 29th September 2007. Although 241 Squadron finished 2nd overall this is an improvement on recent results. The Sport Team are now focusing on the next sport competitions to ensure 241 Squadron become Sports Squadron of the Year.