January 2015 Activities

After leave over Christmas the Sqn returned to a busy January with cadets being assessed for First Aid qualifications, competing in the Region Cross Country, trialing with London Wing for football and hockey with 10 cadets selected for the Wing Team, rifle training and shooting, rock climbing at Mile End, band training and practical navigation training in Epping Forest.  More details of these and other events are on our FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/241-Wanstead-Woodford-Squadron-Royal-Air-Force-Cadets – also please note our next Recruit Course starts on Wednesday 25 February at 7pm at the Sqn HQ – if you are aged 12 – 16 why not take the challenge?! Contact us on 241@aircadets.org for more information.

Sqn looks forward to 2015

2014 has been a great year for 241 Sqn with the cadets and staff achieving a huge amount! WO Phil Wright was awarded a well deserved British Empire Medal for 40 years of service to the ATC, and saw the Sqn winning the Elworthy Sword (for a 6th time), the Wing Innes Sword and the Wing Cross Country. Sgt Outzen was awarded a Flying Scholarship and Gold Gliding Wings, Sgt Spence a Navigation Scholarship, Sgt Campbell a Glding Scholarship, CWO Chavner went to Ghana and FS Goldsmith to Holland as part of the IACE, Sgt Campbell completed the Nimegan 4 Day march, FS Lenoard and FS Bean passed Cadet Leadership Courses at Cranwell and Frimley Park with Sgt Raj passing the course at Nesscliff and CWO Mandalia represented LaSER in the Dacre Sword Competition
26 Cadets achieved Wing and Region Blues for sports and the Sqn Shooting Team achieved 2 Cadet 100s at ISCRM and 4 Cadet 50s at CISSAM and also won the national Falling Plate Competition and the CORPSAM LSW Trophy. Cadets attended camps in Germany and Cyprus, and at RAF Boulmer . Cadets attended the Invictus Games, Lord Mayors Show, Cenotaph Parade and the Festival of Remberance.
The Sqn raised over £7000 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and was affiliated with the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers and we look forward to working with this City Livery Company in the comming years.
We welcomed the Commandant Air Cadets to the Sqn in January to award the Kregie and Cubby Trophies for excellence in leadership to Sgt Puzrikova and Cpl Richards and in the summer we unvieled the memorial to Tom Curry, an ex cadet and Royal Marine who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2007.
Cadets have achieved BTECs, First Aid qualifications and 38 Duke of Edinburghs Awards including 6 Golds. The Sqn was active in the mountains of England and Wales and carried out several field exercises at Crowborough, and flying was back on the agenda after the grounding of 2013, with over 50 cadets taking to the air in the Tutor aerobatic plane. The Sqn Band has come on significantly since its foundation in 2013 and we would like to thank Dave Collet for his work with the drummers. We have introduced Archery as a new activity and we have welcomed several new staff to the Squadron, who are mostly ex cadets from the Sqn.
We look forward to 2015 and another busy year of rising to the challenges ahead and I would like to thank all the staff and committee for all of the hard work that they put into the Sqn over the last year and the cadets for their enthusiasm and comittment

December Activities

December has seen the Squadrons annual presentation evening with cadets recieving awards and certificates for their hard work in 2014, awards which included Cdt Holman being named as Best Cadet, Cdt Hulbert as best Recruit and No1 Flight as the best flight. Other activities over the month included the Inter Flight Drill competition, L98 and Air Rifle shooting and a fundraising bagpack at Sainsburys.  More details of these and other events are on our FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/241-Wanstead-Woodford-Squadron-Royal-Air-Force-Cadets

November Activities

November has been another succesful and busy month with the Sqn winning the London Wing Cross Country competition, mounting a carpet guard for our affiliated livery company, collecting over £6000 for the Poppy Appeal, and participating in 3 Remberance Day parades at the same time! More details of these and other events are on our FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/241-Wanstead-Woodford-Squadron-Royal-Air-Force-Cadets

October Activities

October has been a succesful and busy month with the Sqn winning the coverted Elworthy Sowrd in a tri service military skills competition for the sixth time, the Shooting Team competiting at CISSAM and gaining 4 Cadet 50s and winning the falling plate trophy, and running the Bi annual recruit and field exercise at Crowborough for 80 cadets, with the recruits gaining their coverted Black Witch flash. More details of these and other events are on our FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/241-Wanstead-Woodford-Squadron-Royal-Air-Force-Cadets/1453320798223501

September Activities

September has been incredibly busy has with the Sqn winning the Innes Sword military skill competition, comming second in the London Wing Field Day, flying shooting, Mountain Leader courses and the presentation of WO Phil Wrights British Empire Medal. For more details see our Facebook page at 241 Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

Are you up to the challenge?

Our next recruit course starts on Wednesday 08 October e at 7pm to 9.45pm at the Squadron HQ. If you are in the age group of 13 – 16 and want to join the team and rise to the challenge come down for a look around on any Monday or Thursday at 8pm, or turn up on the night, or email us on 241@aircadets.org!

August activities

August has seen the Sqn send cadets to annual camp at RAF Boulmer in Northumberland, where cadets had the opportunity to see the RAF at work, and for some the chance of flying in an RAF Seaking, L98 multi positional shooting on the L98 rifle, and the Gold and Silver expeditions in the Lake District. For more details see our Facebook page at 241 Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

July activities

Over the last month the Sqn has been busy as usual. Sgts Bean and Lenoard have passed leadership courses at Longmoor and RAF Cranwell, joining Cpl Raj who passed a similar course at Nescliffe in April. 18 cadets attened a wild camping expedition in the Lake District, and Sgt Sadler competed in the Imperial Shooting competition at Bisley – the first 241 cadet to take part in this national competition, and Cpl Campbell completed the 100 mile Nimegan March in Holland. For more information on all of this please the Sqn Facebook page at 241-Wanstead-Woodford-Squadron-Royal-Air-Force-Cadets

Top Shots

Three Teams from the Sqn were selected to attend the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meet from 03 – 06 Jul at the national Shooting Centre at Bisley. This is the most prestigious shooting event of the cadet calendar and saw 109 Teams from the Sea, Army and Air Cadets competing for the Cadet 100 Award and other trophies. In addition there were teams present from the Canadian Cadet Forces. We had both blazing sunshine and rain over the four days of shooting. The Cadet 100 is awarded to the top 100 shots of the competition, out of the around 500 cadets firing in the event. The L81 7.62 Target Rifle is used at ranges of 300, 500 and 600 yards, and the cadets also shot in the Bisley V Competition at 900 and 1000 yards.

This year 2 Cadets qualified for their Cadet 100s – Sgt Max Lungu and Cpl Stephen Raj; being in the 100 best shots from all 4 cadet services, an excellent achievement!