Lord Lieutentant Cadets

Congratulations to CWO Holly Brogden-Knight who has been appointed as a Lord Lieutenants Cadet for Great London. This honour is for her outstanding service to the ATC over the last seven years.

The Lord Lieutentant is the Queens Offical representative in Counties and Cities, and appears on her behalf at many ceremonies and investitures. Holly will spend the next year assisting him at these events, and will be awarded a special badge to indicate her status.

In addition FS Paul Fothergill has been appointed a Deputy Lord Lieutenants Cadet for the Borough of Redbridge, which has a similar role at Borough Level. He will recieve his award in March at Redbridge Town Hall.

CWO Hanson Success

CWO Nic Hanson has just passed a Wing Board for promotion to Adult Sergeant. This means he will some be joining the Adult Staff of the Sqn and will become offically responsible for training the Cadets on the Sqn. Well done!

L98 Shooting at Pirbright

Cadets attended a shooting practise at Pirbight Ranges on 20 Feb 05. After a bad start as the range had been doubled booked we were able to get two ranges up and running including a Falling Plate practise.

In spite of the biting wind it didnt snow and a number of Cadets achieved the following Marksman:

FS Barnes
FS Goldman
Cpl Burgess

Sgt Cheah



Visit to RAF Lyneham

20 Cadets from the Sqn visited RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire, home of the RAF’s Hercules Fleet on Thursday and Friday of the Feb half term.

They visited 30 Sqn and were given a guided tour of the new C130 J model Herc by two pilots, the Tactical Medical Wing and medics, UK Mobile Air Movements Sqn, 47 Sqn Air Dispatch RLC (an Army unit who prepare parachute loads) who showed some spectactular footage of when it all goes wrong! Air Traffic Control, Fire Section and others.

Cadets also gained work experience in the Engineering Section, Armoury, and with the Aircrew. Some cadets were also able to ‘fly’ on simulator missions.

In the evening the cadets went bowling and to Laser Quest, where we were joined by some Scouts who where younger and much better at getting ‘kills’!

Latest recruit course

Recruit Course 49 is well underway! There are just two weeks to go before the recruit course closes for this course, so bring your friends or anyone who wants to join to the squadron ASAP!!

The recruit course times are 7.15pm til 9.30pm Wednesday!

Next Recruit Course will be at the end of May 2005

Another Busy Weekend

On Saturday 05 Feb Sgt Jerome ran a Navigation Training exercise in Epping Forest for Cadets studying for their Leading Cadet Exam. This is practical training with map and compass to equip cadets for their exams and for their Bronze Duke of Expeditions in the summer.

On the same day Cadets from 3 Flight started their training for the MacGrath Competition (to find the best Section on the Sqn) – will they win this year?

On Sunday 20 cadets attended ATC Sunday, a formal parade of over 500 cadets from London and South East Region, which involves a parade down the Strand in Central London followed by a church service in St Clement Danes, the RAF chuch.

The Shooting Team fired two competitions at Pirbright Ranges for the Mongomery of Alamain and Earl Roberts Cups. Scores where higher than 2004, and where especially impressive as several members of the team were firing in their first competitions. The top four for each event where:

Montgomery: (Highest Possible Score 85)

Cpl Pisano 70
Cpl Zealander 64
Cdt Bustamante 62
Cpl Burgess 59

Earl Roberts: (HPS 200)

Cpl Pisano 165
Cdt Bhadresha 147
Cpl Zealander 140
Cpl Burgess 133

and lastly Fg Off Harvey is on a Winter Mountaineering Course in Norway with the British Army, probably the first member of staff in the Corps to do such a course!

New Wing Commander Inspects Sqn

The new Wing Commander of London Wing, Wg Cmdr Sylvia Silver, visited 241 Squadron on Monday 31 Jan 05 to carry out the Annual Inspection. There she saw the Squadron on a typical parade night and meet some of the 127 cadets on parade. On Final Parade she presented FS Paul Fothergill with his Flying Scholarship Wings, in front of his father who was a cadet on the squadron some years ago! She also presented a BTEC First Diploma in the Public Services to Cdt Samuel O’Brien, and a Jack Petchey Award for £200 to Cdt Adelaide Glover who was the Best Cadet in her Flight for January.

The Wg Cmdr was undoubtedly impressed with what she saw, and certainly gained a good first impression!

Mountaineering Team Training

The Mountaineering Team deployed to the Lake District for their first training session of the ’05 season last weekend. The team split into two with half tackling Sacfell Pike, the highest mountain in England, and the others tackeling Napes Needle on Great Gable. Saturday evening saw a visit to the Rheghed Centre for a lecture by Simon Yates and an expedition on climbing Everest.

Nordic Skiing

Cdt Isabel Glover has just returned from a weeks Nordic Skiing in Bavaria, Germany with the RAF

Flying Success

FS Paul Fothergill has successfully completed his Flying Scholarship at Dundee Airport and gone solo after 10 hours training. His report is below

My Flying scholarship took place in Dundee in Scotland with Tayside Aviation. The course ran over a total of 2 weeks, but unfortunately for me, the weather came in for the first 3 days that I was there, but having ground school to do, we were always busy! If we were not in lessons we were busy learning our Air Law, in preparation for going solo once we completed our training.

When we did get in the air, each sortie that we did was 1 hour long. Straight from the start, your instructor pushes you to do as much as possible with out him intervening. Before I had even taken off on my first sortie, I was made to do all of the Radio calls to the control tower as well as taxiing and all the necessary safety checks. Straight from the start of your flying, you were in charge of that aircraft.

Through the sorties over the two weeks, you were taken through all of the controls of the aircraft, emergency drills, landings, take-offs and stalls. You would then move onto circuits. Once you had this all sorted, which took me 11 hours, you would be allowed to go solo, flying the aircraft in a circuit on your own with no help from the pilot what so ever! The feeling of being totally in control of this very expensive aircraft was certainly scary, but there was the thrill of being able to fly an aircraft, by yourself after only 2 weeks of training! The bit I found hardest was the landing, as this was the time when I was most likely to break the aircraft, but despite it being a bit bumpy, I managed to land safely, coming back to the cheers of the rest of my course!

The course was certainly very good, with good accommodation at the hotel and wicked staff at the flying school, all paid for by the RAF! I recommend this course to absolutely everyone!