Squadron Structure

With over 100 cadets at any one time, 241 Squadron faces challenges, not least the selection of an NCO team. As with most other squadrons, the NCO team is responsible for the day to day running of the squadron with varying responsibilities:

The squadron is divided into Four Flights of cadets. Numbers One and Two, Flights contain a majority of the cadets, with approximately 40 cadets in each flight. Number Four Flight is for Recruits and has approximately 30 recruits at any time.

After completing their eight-week recruit course, new cadets spend their first six months in Four Flight studying the 1st Class Cadet syllabus and preparing for their Graduation Parade, after which they will join one of the main two flights.

Last, but most certainly not least that leaves HQ Flight. HQ Flight contains some of the most experienced and highly qualified cadets on 241 squadron. It is responsible for the upkeep of the squadron (both administrative and physical upkeep of the building and compound) and provides logistical support for all squadron activities. NCOs can be seconded to HQ Flight to help arrange a particular activity or supervise an event.

As you would expect the NCO team is large to match the size of the squadron. There are currently 20 NCOs on 241 squadron (most squadrons only have about 30 cadets in total). The structure is laid out above. You will notice there are cadets fulfilling the roles of section commander in two flights. This was part of an old scheme of probation before a possible promotion.

One thing to note from this structure is that the NCO in command of each flight is responsible for each of those cadets under his/her command. Everything from making sure they pay their subs on time, to making sure their cadets get on as many activities as possible. The flight commanders in effect are managing their own squadron-sized flights, which is no mean feat as they also have to balance their time with full time education.